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Why these pictures have something to do with you as the observer.

pictures from the subconscious
painted only using my intuition
highly energetic for the observer
pictures with a life of their own

They were painted by me, but I didn't have an idea or a draft: it is simply the act of painting that is my very own work. I can only try to describe exactly how they arise.
I receive them energetically.
They come from my subconscious. This also explains why I cannot paint them again and why no-one, including myself, can order a painting from me.

I studied at an art college and I know only too well how to work artistically. For over 10 years I was self-employed as a ceramic artist.
I had no idea that painting could be done as I do it now.
When I sit at my easel, I'm eager to find out what will arise. I receive completed pictures and then I work somewhat like a printer.

Whereas normally when painting the artist has to keep an overview at all times, when I'm painting every conscious wish to shape the outcome is actually a hindrance. The impulse that comes simply has to be carried through. Only in this way is every stroke and every colour the right one, no matter how strange the combinations that occurred to me may seem.
The best I can do is simply to implement whatever comes.
Often I can't even judge the situation since I normally work with a spatula and thick brushes: sitting so close to my easel I can hardly recognise what is really arising on my canvas.

Some of the pictures actually only reveal themselves after I turn them upside down or on their side.
So I simply paint according to my feeling, purely intuitively. Sometimes a meaning can be found within the painting both when it is upside down and the normal way round, but these meanings can be very different.
It is for this reason that I seldom give my pictures a title: the day they arose is enough of a name for me. And even my signature would be out of place, in my opinion. That is why I sign the pictures on the back.
Since the picture comes from the subconscious, it will be understood by your subsconscious, if you allow yourself to look at it without any inhibitions. Whatever you feel or whatever occurs to you when you look at the picture is your own indvidual impression.
It is feedback from your subconscious. By feeling deep within yourself and asking yourself what the picture reminds you of, and by looking to see what you really see, you can become one with yourself. The longer you submerge yourself in the picture, the more you will feel that it is changing. The light falling on the picture in that moment, the distance you have from the picture as you are looking at it, and above all, your inner situation, all influence what you think you see. But whatever you see, is correct.
The picture has its own life and its own energy.
As its painter, I was really just a midwife: now it has come into the world. 

As an artist, I'm a playful person; but you are too, since it is your imagination that puts together the picture that you see. This active process is the secret to why looking at art can be such fun.

My strongly energetic pictures are also a surprise for me; the painting itself can be very exhausting, but the joy that I experience afterwards as I look at the picture is more than enough reward.

Paul Klee:
"It is not the task of art to reproduce the visible art makes thingsvisible!
... Imitation can never be art. Art is giving, not reproducing."

All paintings are acrylics. This means that the painter uses the same pigments as for oil painting, but the solvent is water instead of turpentine.
The colours have a high light resistance and can thus be exposed to sunlight; they don't have to be shown under glass. They are treated just like oil paintings.
I paint on canvas, wood and card. The card is often reinforced with canvas, since I use the same material used to make mattes or passe-partouts.                                                                       

                                                                        Sabine Dettmann